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About Us

A Few Words About Us


Mr. Pieman is the brainchild of Thomas Romal. During his stay in New Zealand, Romal regularly ate Kiwi pies and enjoyed them so much that during his frequent visits back to Malaysia, his desire to enjoy similar quality pies led him on a constant search to rekindle that experience.

What Makes Our Product Unique

The uniqueness of Mr. Pieman products lie in the brand-promise that each & every item from our bakery is passionately made in small batches and packed full of premium ingredients without preservatives or artificial colouring. All our pastries are produced using traditional baking methods with emphasis on consistency and ensuring that every pie eaten is as good as the last.

We simply wish to offer higher quality pastries for the discerning consumer. Our aim is to be attentive and generous in optimizing our ingredients to the very fullest to achieve that unparalleled distinction in taste, texture and flavour. Knowing how to skillfully combine and blend these ingredients do help in giving our products that further “Oomph”.

Packing & Delivery

As the delivery time looms, the baked items will then be packed in our robust and sturdy carton-boxes for delivery. The logistics process in itself is carefully planned so that the items reach you fresh and in impeccable shape. Whether it’s a family old tradition or a crust less recipe you desire, we can make it happen.


All Mr.Pieman products are HALAL & HACCP certified ensuring reliability and consistent safety and hygiene standards in our food manufacturing process. To maintain our products “freshly made” taste we bake the items as close to the delivery time as possible. Once created, all baked items are stored carefully to ensure quality is never compromised.

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